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HCM is the record label, management and publisher for the music of Holly Christina.
ALBUM RELEASES by Holly Christina Music:
7th Heaven (September 2017)
Sweet 16 (August 2016)  FIVE and LIVE EP (May 2015)  Break the Mould (July 2013)  
Miss Naive (November 2012) interchange (November 2009)  One Road (May 2008)

Link to listen and view Holly Christina's music and video releases via Official Website: www.hollychristina.co.nz  

ALBUMS released digitally by HCM on iTunes, and HCM01- HCM07 also released on CD with artwork and lyrics:
7th HEAVEN - 7 tracks released SEPTEMBER 2017 (inc. SINGLES Jordan River, The Lion)  HCM07
1. The Lion  2. Cinderella (live in the Chapel)  3. Gateway of Hope  4. Jordan River 
5. Peaceful (live in the Chapel)  6. Three Musketeers (live in the Chapel)  7. My Biography
SWEET 16 - 16 tracks released AUGUST 2016 (inc. SINGLES The Simple Truth, The Dating Game)  HCM06
1.The Simple Truth  2.Girl Offline  3.Only Young  4.Pop  5.The Dating Game  6.Barcode  7.Angel of Light  8.Busy Bee
9.This or That  10.Paddington  11.Off the Radar  12.Oh Boy (J.D.C.)  13.Torn in Two  14.16-Bar Blues  15.Acoustic Electric  16.To Be Continued
FIVE and LIVE  - 8 tracks released MAY 2015 (inc. SINGLES Europe, Fear)  HCM05
1.Friend Zone  2.Was It Really Love?  3.Fear  4.Europe  5.Yoyo  
6.In Time (live from the Tuning Fork)  7.Blurry (live from the Tuning Fork)  8.The Crown (live from the Tuning Fork)
BREAK THE MOULD - 12 tracks released JULY 2013  (inc. SINGLE Toy)  HCM04
                  1.Fresh Start  2.Break the Mould  3.The Choice  4.Trillion Thoughts  5.Life Cycle  6.Toy  7.The Missing V  8.Rough Patch  9.War Today
                  10.Undecided Life Club  11.Image (acoustic BTM mix)  12.End of the Tunnel
MISS NAIVE - 14 tracks released NOVEMBER 2012  (inc. SINGLES Image, Jane Austen, Competition)  HCM03
1.Image  2.Milk and Honey  3.Lolo  4.If Only  5.Jane Austen  6.Tear Within the Smile  7.Denial  8.Driving (Fahren)  9.Overdue
10.So Beautiful  11.Competition  12.Coathangers  13.I'll Wonder  14.Hey Malibu
INTERCHANGE - 13 tracks released NOVEMBER 2009  HCM02
1.The Victory  2.Aisle of Unknown  3.Bargain Hunter  4.John, May I?  5.It Rings a Bell  6.My Shipwreck  7.Sky is the Limit
8.Imaginary Boyfriend  9.Treasure  10.Found a Way Out  11.Point of Love  12.Legend with Love  13.Meltaway Moonlight
ONE ROAD - 10 tracks released MAY 2008  HCM01  (digitally unavailable since 2011)
1.Capture Me  2.Wait for the Rain  3.Too Many Thoughts  4.Happily Ever After  5.Gone Dream Gone  6.Forget It All  7.Unite
8.Essence of You  9.Diamond Raindrops  10.A New Year of Christmas
MUSIC VIDEOS released digitally by HCM on YouTube:
   ONLY YOUNG (November 2019)  THE LION (October 2018)  CINDERELLA (July 2017)  JORDAN RIVER (June 2017)    
WAS IT REALLY LOVE? (March 2016)  NATIONAL ANTHEM God Defend New Zealand (February 2016)  EUROPE (November 2015) 
END OF THE TUNNEL (November 2015)  FRIEND ZONE (August 2015)  FEAR (July 2015)  WAR TODAY (March 2015)
  YOYO (July 2014)  IF ONLY (June 2014)  TRILLION THOUGHTS (Lyric Video January 2014)  THE MISSING V (December 2013) 
TOY (September 2013)  FRESH START (August 2013)  LOLO (May 2013)  SUSHI ROLL SONG (December 2012)
COMPETITION (July 2012)  THE VICTORY (April 2012)  JANE AUSTEN (January 2012)  IMAGE (November 2011)
Holy Trinity Cathedral - Bishop Selwyn Chapel, July 2017
Windsor Castle/Juice Bar, October 2016
Writers in the Round, 2015/16
Tuning Fork at Spark Arena, September 2014
Village Hall, November 2012
Break the Mould Schools Tour, 2010-2019
Performances in LA, Nashville, Sydney, Vienna and around NZ at award events, national/community festivals,
ANZAC Day commemorations, charity events, and live studio performances.
Song awards for Unite, Wait for the Rain, Sushi Roll Song, Hey Malibu and The Victory.
For bookings, CD product and other enquiries, please email:  hollychristinamusic@xtra.co.nz 
Holly Christina Music   PO Box 25419 Auckland 1740 New Zealand

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